AA Chairperson's Message

Welcome Family, Friends and Guests,

On behalf of the AA Planning Committee I welcome you to the 44th Annual San Fernando Valley Alcoholics Anonymous Convention of 2019.

It takes a team of people to come together and make this convention possible. It has been my honor to work with the Al-Anon Chair, Nicki B., and Alateen Chair, Jacob, along with hundreds of volunteers to make this convention a wonderful weekend of recovery and hope.

I had struggled for years to find hope, and on May 25, 1997, I found Alcoholics Anonymous in a little church in Reseda, California. The women and men were kind, and gave me direction, love and hope. I have kept this date and hold it near and dear to my heart, I Just Stayed. I have found it to be the Easier, Softer Way.

In January 1998, I attended my first SFVAA Convention and found laughter and a connection with others I had never found before. We all had a common goal, to stay sober one day at a time. In April 1998, I joined the Convention Planning Committee and have been of service every year since then. It is my honor to be your Chair this year along with our Co-Chair, Jimmy J., and a team of volunteers.

I have been fortunate enough to have attended meetings throughout the United States and Europe. The meetings might be a little different but the message is always the same. It is the message of recovery, love and hope.

We have a great weekend planned starting with the Opening Ceremonies, Banquet, Al-Anon Luncheon and Spiritual Breakfast, Dances and Entertainment, along with great speakers, 24 hours of AA meetings and fellowship.

Enjoy the weekend!

Tracy Y.

2019 SFVAAC Chair