AA Chairperson's Message

Welcome Convention Family, Friends, and Guests!

On behalf of the AA Convention Planning Committee, I’d like to extend a warm and sincere WELCOME HOME to the 46th annual San Fernando Valley AA Convention with Al-Anon and Alateen participation. After a year’s absence, we are thrilled to return to the Warner Center Marriott in Woodland Hills California to bring to you the live, in person conference we have all enjoyed and cherished throughout our recovery.

This year’s theme, ”Rocketed Into A Fourth Dimension”, comes from the “spiritual experience” described on page 25 of the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous. The text is not the experience of one person, but that of many people who have come to stay in Alcoholics Anonymous. “We had found much of heaven and we have been rocketed into a fourth dimension of existence of which we had not even dreamed”.

When I first showed up on the doorstep of AA, it never occurred to me exactly what connecting to a higher power, to my fellows, and to my own spirit would do for my life. Taking AA’s Twelve Steps would make me accountable for my flattened view of what life was for me. AA gave me the opportunity to grow my life into an enlightened view of what it could be now. Being able to see life from this substantial new angle, I was able to find the hope, belief and ability to make that new view into reality. I was no longer choosing to walk alone on a selfish and unaided path, I was now on a road where others mattered and where it was easy and natural to connect to God’s will for me. This was an existence I had never known before. I had been rocketed into a new dimension of living, moving past my personal twilight zone, with spiritual connection and feet firmly planted on the ground. This place of both Spirit and Earth put my heart in exactly the right place and I knew I was now truly part of a world where I loved and felt love. My life had taken on new meaning and the obsession to drink was lifted. Every day when I allow my spirit to connect ahead of my human thoughts, I can get out of my own way and remain in this fourth dimension of existence that has no room for any of my former obsessions. What a great place to be!

It has been my honor to serve as the Chairperson of this Planning Committee throughout the pandemic. The people who work tirelessly to put on this conference have done a stellar job keeping the SFVAA Convention alive and healthy in a time when a virus threatened all we have come to know. When our reality was deep in lock-down, we brought you a wildly successful Unconventional convention and I have profound gratitude to the Unconventional Planning Committee for all their hard work. This year we have been allowed to come back strong and in person, and, while there have been challenges and limitations along the way, the Convention Planning Committee is once again working hard to bring to you a Conventional Convention filled with recovery, marathon meetings, exciting events with great speakers, all wrapped within an atmosphere of love and fellowship you can expect to find in the Fourth Dimension.

A much heartfelt thanks to my hardworking and creative Co-Chairperson, Sande B; the bright and beautiful Al-Anon team, headed up by Chairperson, Keith K, and Co-Chairperson, Laura B; and our awesome Alateen Chairperson, Claire A. It has been my delight to work with each of them as well as their respective team of volunteers. I am in amazement at the efforts made and the convention we have produced together. There is no doubt that the result will be an extremely incredible and memorable weekend.

In Love and Service (and direct from the Fourth Dimension),
Todd G.
2022 SFVAA Convention Chairperson